Thursday, December 01, 2011

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords - 2011

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords - 2011

 Make Money With Google Adsense.
SEO for Your Blog.

As i think this post most important for blogers. in this post i have import grater than 20$ top key words list.most people search what are the high key words for blogs.if you don't have addsense account one of keyword as your topic and start bloging.  

Key WordCost Per Click - $ (CPC)
Domains Yahoo97.44
domain name yahoo79.81
dc hair laser removal washington68.91
law lemon wisconsin66.15
hair removal washington dc51.14
domain registration yahoo41.97
benchmark lending40.36
domain yahoo38.05
yahoo web hosting37.86
hair laser removal virginia37.29
peritoneal mesothelioma36.59
ca lemon law36.55
best buy gift card34.13
adverse credit remortgage31.10
mesothelioma information30.98
law lemon ohio29.77
att call conference29.34
insurance medical temporary29.10
 illinois law lemon28.95
mesothelioma symptoms28.78
angeles drug los rehab28.51
personal injury solicitor28.26
att go28.23
accident car florida lawyer28.03
google affiliate27.11
at t wireless27.11
100 home equity loan26.31
mcsa boot camp26.28
anti spam appliance26.19
adverse remortgage26.17
chicago hair laser removal26.00
att conference25.98
at and t25.84
laser hair removal maryland25.45
buy gift card24.88
student loan consolidation program24.52
california law lemon24.45
event management security24.30
canada personals yahoo24.15
orlando criminal attorney24.15
uk homeowner loans23.78
vioxx lawsuit23.71
compare life assurance23.55
criminal defense federal lawyer23.34
american singles23.29
federal criminal defense attorney23.09
laser hair removal manhattan23.07
att prepaid wireless23.03
fortis health insurance temporary23.00
miami personal injury lawyer22.93
hair removal chicago22.75
at and t cell phones22.74
refinance with bad credit22.61
malignant mesothelioma22.47
lease management software22.45
primary pulmonary hypertension22.34
miami personal injury attorney22.27
anti spam lotus notes22.20
life insurance quotes22.23
egg credit21.91
anti spam exchange server21.80
lemon law21.77
google adsense21.67
best consolidation loan student21.67
refinance with poor credit21.63
employee leasing21.49
student loan consolidation center21.36
buyer mortgage note21.35
federal student loan consolidation21.34
symptoms of mesothelioma21.33
city hair laser new removal york21.31
att wireless com21.20
san diego dui lawyer21.15
indiana law lemon21.14
law lemon michigan21.10
angeles criminal defense los20.80
refinancing with poor credit20.80
home equity loan20.64
action class lawsuit vioxx20.64
term life assurance20.49
e loan20.47
celebrex lawyer20.46
mortgage rates refinancin20.36
attorney law lemon20.28
consolidate student loans20.28
home equity loans20.17

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